Retinol Fights the Signs of Aging FAST

Signs of aging concern many of us, and while we can’t stop the process of getting older we can keep our skin young looking. To achieve this you should be using Retinol anti aging day and night skin cream products.

What is it?

These ingredients are the one most dermatologists recommend when it comes to combating signs of aging for skin care. Retinol

What happens to your skin as you get older?

As you age your skin’s ability to renew and regenerate itself gradually slows down. Your skin loses its elasticity and you find fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet become far more evident. This is largely due to your collagen production levels.

Collagen – how does it work

This binding protein is the most common one found in your body. It is made up of amino acids and constitutes around 25-35% of your total protein content.

The fact is you cannot live without it. So much so that in some medical circles it is known as “the glue of life” due to the fact it literally binds your body together.

Collagen fibres support your bodily tissues and are a major part of your extra cellular matrix that gives support to our cells.

When collagen and keratin are combined it is what gives your skin its strength, elasticity and waterproofing. You should think of collagen as a basic building block for your skin, tendons, bones, cartilage and other bodily connective tissues.

When you are in the prime of your life your natural collagen production are at their peak. Unfortunately as you age the body produces less of it. This is a major factor why aging signs such as saggy skin appear.

Why is Retinol so effective?

It is a derivative of vitamin A and works effectively to reduce the signs of aging. It is particularly useful for fine lines and deep wrinkles, may help acne scars, dark circles under the eye, stretch marks, and rosacea. It works by improving your collagen depleted skin. It also helps with your skin’s natural process in reducing the size of your skin pores.

Here are just 4 things to bear in mind when it comes to regular use of a product containing this powerful ingredient. They should help minimise those unwanted signs of aging.

Don’t wait too long!

Start to regularly use a high quality over the counter hand, face, body lotion and moisturizer creams which contains this derivative before the onset of any fine lines or wrinkles. This will help your skin stay younger looking and healthier for longer.

Start slowly and build up gradually

When you begin to use such a serum, gel, brightener or cream there is the possibility of minor skin irritation side effects. Don’t worry; this is normal. By using a small amount of such a formula every other day for about two weeks you can then gradually increase its usage.

Let it work while you sleep

Many skin care expert reviews believe these formulas work more effectively with minimal sensitive exposure to sun or perspiration. Consider using a night-time formula as part of your bedtime skin-care regimen.

Continue with regular use

By being consistent when using a skin-care supplement which contains Retinol you will really reap the rewards. This is because the benefits of healthy, young looking skin will improve with continued use. You will see a difference before and after.